About us

If You’re looking for a companion, You can’t find a much better choice than one of our Maine Coons

About Us

“Maine Coon Golden Farm” is a family-possessed and worked business. We endeavor in getting solid Maine Coon cats, completely mingled and comparing to the Maine Coon breed standard. Since June 2011, we have readily provided homes with pedigreed Maine coon little cats available to be purchased that come from excellent and title holder European bloodlines. Our felines and their cats will generally have exemplary European elements that produce a more “wild” or wild, intriguing appearance. In the European lines, you might see bigger ears with longer ear tufts and lynx tips, in addition to high cheekbones, huge, square gags, and longer shaggy tails.

We are more than happy to pick and carry your new little cats to you and assist them with getting acclimated with another family . We are likewise happy to prompt our clients on all matters. Our Maine objective is to deal with our fuzzy companions by coordinating them with an entirely adoring home. We highly esteem observing the best felines for our clients in the most issue free way that could be available. Allow us to assist you with tracking down your most wanted buddy!

Sound Happy Kittens:

Every one of our felines are thoroughbred Maine coons and live in our home as a feature of our family, Our rearing is intended to deliver sound Maine coon cats with cordial, fun loving characters. Every one of our Kings and Queens are painstakingly chosen from family lines with a strong history of great wellbeing and health, saving the nature of the variety and our norms in keeping a solid heredity.