Customers Reviews


Hello Maine Coon Golden Farm, how are things ? Just an update Charlie is doing very well he had his final set of shots yesterday and he is growing so fast. he doesn’t miss to many meals…lol. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to have a look. Talk to you soon.
Joe ( New Haven CT)
Lily is doing great. We love her so much. She adapted very well to our family pets. She’s such a lover. Here are a few pics I would like to share. Thanks again for raising beautiful kittens. Take care.
Bonnie May (New Orleans LA)
I received ‘Christian’ on Tuesday morning. He was exactly what his picture described and his level of affection and socialism was amazing. He is growing and developing beautifully in look, intelligence, personality and charm. He is well loved and enjoyed. Big ups to Maine Coon Golden Farm for providing a beautiful boy for my family.
Sandra Brueckne (Binghamton NY)
Ohh….. My boy ‘Chance’ is divine. He arrived two days ago and is so loving. Thank you Maine Coon Golden Farm for your ever helpful patience with my millions of questions and worries. Just like you said , the travel was a breeze.
Rosemary Kenedy (Eastvale CA)
We received Grace at Miami airport 3 days ago. We were very concerned about the flight, but everything worked just fine , Thanks to Maine Coon Golden Farm. As soon as we saw Grace we knew that she was special. Not only absolutely beautiful but such a sweet personality. She sat on my lap for the long 2hr drive, she wanted to be petted, and by time we got home she was sleeping right on my lap. We were already friends. Thanks again, it’s so exciting to have a new family member.
Stephen Evans (Miami FL)
Special thanks to Maine Coon Golden Maine Coon for helping me out getting my lovely Kitten ( Lola) into my life. Thank you so very much for all the help you put in for me. Also, she loves my children and grandchildren when they visit and they just adore her. Thank you Maine Coon Kitten Lovers you guys are simply the best.
Ronnie Anderson (Atlanta GA)
Willow has adapted very well with her new brothers (Daisy and Minas) and the grandchildren in our family. She is healthy and happy. Thanks to Maine Coon Golden Farm for such a smooth transaction.
Joan Gann (Easton, CT)
I just wanted to share with you all some photos of Coca, he is doing great and adapting very good at home. He already been to his first visit with the Vet and had another appointment for another vaccination next week. Me and my children are very happy to have him in our family. Warm regards.
Ronnie Anderson (Atlanta GA)
Dear Maine Coon Golden Farm, We purchased a beautiful kitten from you last Spring. Her name is Anastasia and she just turned 1 year old. We love her very much, and she gets along with our yorkie very well.
Luke (Enumclaw. WA)